Photo Of The Day: A New Start

Timeless Posted to Flickr April 21, 2013 Blogged May 15, 2013The moment of Sunrise at Southern Shores on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Another chance to get it right.   Nikon D600 with a 24mm lens.

The pinched nerve in my neck is beginning to ease up a bit giving some respite from the pins and needles tingling in my arms and hands. The root of my problem was sitting at this computer tilting my head back and up in order to view the screen via progressive bifocals.  Not Good.  I’m having a pair of single vision computer glasses made up (I never knew there was such a thing) and hopefully they will be on my nose by the weekend.  If you spend a lot of time at the computer processing pictures, or writing or whatever and wear bifocals of some stripe, you might think about getting a pair.  They will save you untold agony.   Have a great evening and thanks for the look

5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: A New Start

  1. Lovely. The more I look at your pictures, the more convinced I get I must see the Outer Banks at least once in my life.

    With regards to bifocals … I know. I must go and have something done now because it’s getting out of hand.

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