Photo Of The Day: A Second Look

obx11.001If only we had a chance to do it over but of course in life there are no do overs.  But in Photography there is……if you shoot in the RAW format instead of jpeg.  This shot is a prime example.   It dates from the summer of 2011.   The original shot was much darker than this one.  Hardly any of the sea oats atop the barrier dunes were visible but I had saved the original RAW file which allowed me to go back to the original for a re-do.   I like this version much better.  I have literally hundreds of original shots just waiting for that second look.  Thanks for the visit and have a great evening.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: A Second Look

  1. The great thing about photography to me is that your memories are captured forever and you can go back anytime and check them out again. We just keep learning more and more about processing, too, and can improve on our processing of those old shots. Plus, get a kick out of reliving the experience via our images. hope this makes sense.
    Your beach shot is a beauty. Glad you went back and found this one!
    I have a lifetime of images that I need to go back and reprocess now. This project will keep me busy for the next twenty years! of course, I’ll be finding new subject to photograph as well…Ain’t photography grand!

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