Photo Of The Day: Sandpiper In The Surf

Sandpiper In The SurfPeople tend to call all shorebirds which dart in and out of the surf  Sandpipers and this one I’m sure has a very distinctive name but Sandpiper works for me.   These birds feed on sand crabs that bury themselves in the sand as the waves recede.   Grabbed this on in some rather nice late afternoon light at Southern Shores on the Outer Banks.

A personal note.  My wife has been suffering with vertigo for five months now so much of my time is spent ferrying her to a seemingly endless stream of Doctors and Specialists which explains my spotty record of posts lately.   All medical roads here in NC seem to end at the Duke University Medical Center and we have just gotten an appointment with a Neurotologist there next month.  Our spirits are high.  Positive vibes will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your visit and indulgence and have a wonderful evening.

3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Sandpiper In The Surf

  1. Sending good vibes now! If conventional medicine isn’t working, give some unconventional medicine a try. I’m not saying taking herbs, etc. I was slated for back surgery, but then found a great chiropractor and can do yoga now. I wish you and your wife the best.

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