Photo Of the Day: The First Sunflower


If you were a sunflower, you’d love it here.  Buckets of Sunshine, super hot days, lots of humidity and each afternoon and evening, gobs of rain.  These were planted in early June.  They have literally jumped out of the ground.  The view is to the north, shot several minutes after sunrise.  This was taken several days ago with a Nikon D600 and a 24-85 lens.  I have no doubt there are hundreds of more blooms now but almost constant thunderstorms have prevented me from hiking out to the fields which is probably just fine with the sunflowers.  Thanks for the visit and have a terrific evening.

3 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: The First Sunflower

    • You won’t find these on the Banks…..but they’re popping up just about everywhere on the mainland in Eastern NC…perhaps more in the SE than anywhere else.

  1. What a fine image and that one sunflower really pops in the field. Yes, I can see why they grow so well in North Carolina…the good earth, the good rain, and the good sun. They are totally happy there, and their beauty proves it!..Have a good day!

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