Photo Of The Day: The Flirt

059b.editedIt just seemed the bloom on the right was flirting with me.  I suppose it was the wind seeming make the petals wink at me as I lined up the shot.

Getty Images

I got another reminder that the shots which appeal to me seldom push the buttons of the Editors at Getty Images which just yesterday selected a half dozen or so of my images they want to include in Getty’s Stock Photography Archive.  (Somehow Archive seems a more appropriate word than portfolio  to describe Gettys inventory which I think tops out at around 80 million images.)    I’m always surprised at what appeals to them which no doubt is why if I depended on Photography to keep food on the table, I would starve to death.  More often than not, what I consider simple shots, ie…throw aways…. always seem to be the images they want.  BUT…this time there was one shot,  a long view of the Sunflowers in the field, that I thought might have commercial application.  I visualized it as an Album Cover.  They took it.  So perhaps after all these years I’m finally getting it.  But then again…..  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Flirt

  1. John,another perfect image,she was looking your way, as a beautiful model!! I would think that Getty would want all your fine work. I know other photographers that use Stockseed. Have a Lovely DAY!!

  2. Congratulations on having your images accepted by Getty. You have talent and your techniques are paying off. Well, done!

    About earning a living in photography, I sure admire those that can so it, but I would certainly starve if we depended on selling my images, too. That part is frustrating, but the joy of looking through the lens and capturing a shot that is well taken, is shear joy….You sunflowers shots are shear joy as well! I have enjoyed them all!

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