Photo Of The Day: 2nd Wind


The Sunflowers here have gotten a second wind.  The second crop is now all dressed to the nines and ready for its two weeks of fame.  I have photographed these in every light I know from dawn to sunrise through midday and in the waning light before sunset and at twilight and nothing can compare with the warm light of the just risen sun.  I have searched in vain for an adequate superlative.  Suffice to say I am totally smitten. This with a Nikon D600 totally unfooled around with.  No filters.  A RAW shot converted to jpeg in Elements 11 and posted.  No tweaking.  Cross my throat and hope to choke.


At my advanced age, I am 68,  I’ve begun to think of some of the views I will most likely not see before the long snooze sets in.  I’m not being morbid.  Most of these places would be beyond my  financial capabilities anyway.   From time to time, I thought I would share them with you.   I culled this one from the pages of Architectural Digest of which I have been a subscriber longer than I can remember.   It’s my great escape from the edge of the earth here in rural eastern North Carolina.  It is the view from a room terrace at one of the 50 rooms at the  Grand Hotel Marignan Paris in the city’s 8th arrondissement.  The city of light is stretched out before you with the Eiffel Tower prominently in the distance.  I visualize it at sunset.  Magnificent.  Rooms there go for 420 dollars a night.  I think it would be worth it but  I suppose if you have to ask, you don’t have enough.

Thanks for the look and the read and have a great evening.

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