Photo Of The Day: Tobacco


I never thought there would be much of a market for tobacco photographs.  It’s the health rap of course.  All the anti-smoking campaigns and so on.  I was wrong.  I put a couple of shots of tobacco plants at sunrise on my website and sold three framed prints within a week. Two were  purchased by a tobacco buyer here in North Carolina. Understandable.  The other to someone in California.   Perhaps they saw some artistic merit in the shot.  I’d like to think so.    I then put a few shots of  flowering tobacco up and sold those rather quickly.  Other shots have also sold well.  Cards even.  So there you go.  Contrary to what you might think, Tobacco is still a big crop here.  The field in this shot is near our farm. I have no doubt the farmer is a contract grower for one of the big tobacco companies.   Not just in North Carolina either.  I read somewhere that Tobacco is grown in Connecticut for Cigar makers.  Who knew?

We stopped growing it here on the farm shortly before my wife and I moved down from Virginia but I have a long history with Tobacco.  I remember when my father would drive us to Richmond in the 50’s, we’d pass by the huge American Tobacco Company Plant on US 301.   One of their tobacco warehouses was right on the highway.   Out front, facing the highway were e were two huge packs of Lucky Strikes in a reclining pose with the caption, “Quiet, Tobacco is Sleeping”.  The toughest  thing I ever did in my life was quit smoking when I was 39.  That was before all the nicotine patches came out.  I chewed toothpicks and drove everybody crazy.  It was six months before I stopped dreaming about cigarettes.  Health-wise, it probably saved my life.  So you’d probably think I would be the last person with a camera who would want to take a shot of the dastardly weed.   Not so.  I find it a most interesting subject. The texture, the different shades of color, the shape.   I find it a rather artistic plant.  I just didn’t think many would want pictures of it.   Thanks for the look and the read….And, have a great weekend.

Nikon 18-35mm.  f/16.  Nikon D700

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