Photo Of The Day: After Glow


I used to love blowing a few shots of kodachrome just to experiment.  Most wound up costing me several bucks but a few really turned out well.  With digital, there’s no cost for an experimental shot.  I had no inkling I got the metering correct in this one.  I didn’t look at the LCD after I took it.  I just inserted the sd card into the computer and took it from there.  I rather like the drama in this view of the spent sunflowers at sunrise.  Nothing tried….nothing gained.  Thanks for the indulgence. Have a Great Evening.

One thought on “Photo Of The Day: After Glow

  1. Looks like the sunflowers are starting to put their head down. There is a magical mystical and a spooky element to the field and yet the sky is magical but hopeful looking to me. It is a nice combo that is very artistic.

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