Photo Of The Day: Blissful Beach

Showtime at Southern Shores   Posted to Flickr Wednesday September 14, 2011

The UPS man brought my order of Fuji Velvia film this morning. Yes, Film! Two 36 shot rolls. Yes, you can still buy film at the big photo stores in New York which also sell those handy prepaid mailers for development.  Remember those?  I’m telling my age which has now caught up with my face by the way, but its not a retro cycle I’m going through. Well maybe it is.  I had been scanning some of my old Velvia slides converting them to digital the other night and was just blown away by the vivid color Velvia yields. There is something quite esoteric about it that digital just can’t match. It really is off the hook. They sell software now that supposedly can replicate Velvia digitally along with the other famous films like Kodachrome 64 and perhaps they can.  I just wanted to go old school and well, earn it the old fashoned way one more time.

I’m heading to the Outer Banks this weekend for several days to see some old friends and wallow in the vibe that only comes with a trip to the “not too distant east”.  Summer is a must to avoid on most of the banks if you’re after solitude. I was last there in April. (Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.)  So I’ve been packing stuff.  Both Digital camera bodies are in the bag along with some of Nikon’s best glass I have collected over the years but this time I also packed my F-5. To my mind, the F-5 is the best camera Nikon has ever made. (The F-100 is a close second.)   Oh to have those viewfinders on today’s Digital SLRs. 72 shots await.

I’ve been to the banks….all of them on the NC Coast, from the Virginia State line all the way to Lands End in Emerald Isle more times than I can remember in my long life and sometimes I think, John….surely you have covered that landscape many times over. I have…but my thinking jibes with what Sir Winston said about fishing: “You don’t measure the pleasure by the Catch.”  It’s quite true you know.  It’s not just about the photography.  It’s about the process and the anticipation, and being there ….. and being thankful that at my age, with all my worn out Aps, I can still experience it.   For me, shooting film was a big part of my photographic life for more than 25 years.  Soon I think, all film will go the way of Kodachrome so what better time than now to reacquaint  myself with how it used to be.

See you on the flip side.  Thanks for the look and the read. AND, Have a Great Weekend!

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