Photo Of The Day: Sea Oates Silhouette


Sea Oats atop one of the barrier dunes at Duck evoke a tropical atmosphere on the Outer Banks.

My recent stay on the Outer Banks left me with a very dusty  sensor on my Nikon D600 Camera.  Before I left I had ordered  Sensor Cleaning kits from two different manufacturers: one made by Lenspen which included The SensorKLEAR Loupe the other sold by Copper Hill Images which included a camera sensor magnifier made by Carson Optical.  The idea behind both of these gadgets is to illuminate the sensor with sufficient magnification so one can actually see the dust on the sensor. Both are equipped with battery powered LED’s to light up the sensor.    It was no contest. The Carson Sensor Magnifier was the far superior loupe and a delight to use.  The Lenspen SensorKLEAR Loupe was really not in the same ballpark. It was woefully deficient in Magnification.

The Lenspen Kit included its sensor cleaning pen which was quite useful in removing single blobs of dust but for complete sensor cleaning, a wet clean is whats really required.  The Copper Hill kit included cleaning pads and a two ounce bottle of eclipse cleaning fluid.  Three drops on the pad mounted on the reusable wand does the trick. It worked very well in conjunction with the Carson Sensor Magnifier.

Of course If you are squeamish about cleaning the sensor in your digital camera, You can always send it back to the manufacturer or you can take it to a camera shop that offers the service.  One shop in nearby Greenville, NC charges 75 bucks.  The Copper Hill Sensor Cleaning Kit is far cheaper and quite easy to use.  My 2 cents.  Have a great evening and a great weekend.

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