Photo Of The Day: Beer Break


I’m such a sucker for empty beach chairs on the beach.  Particularly so on such a gorgeous, golden, bright day.  The editors at Getty Images seem to go for them so I figured why mess with a good thing.   This was taken around 9AM on Labor Day morning  between Duck and the Village of Sanderling. By the way, if you have never had the pleasure of the Sanderling Inn, Pamper yourself one weekend and go for it.  Stop Economizing!  Cheers to you all. Thanks for the visit and have a very large Sunday Evening.



4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Beer Break

  1. How gorgeous is the land.
    I can remember when there was NOTHING absolutely nothing at the Sanderling. It sat all by itself amongst trees and sand. Doesn’t sit like that now does it?

    Thanks for the pictures John!
    I’m so glad for your blog.

      • …ahh. I can remember Duck being a little two lane in and out of Corolla. (I use to work in Corolla) Took me all of one hour to get to Corolla. Walking/biking lanes in Duck? The traffic ..both car and by foot is horrendous. Corolla too. And what speed limit?

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