Photo Of The Day: Cotton In The HIgh Field


One of those Must Photograph Dawns here on the farm.   The view is to the North. That’s cotton over to the right.  The grove of Live Oaks and Red Oaks is Center Grove, the private cemetery here on the farm.  Veterans of the American Civil War are buried here.

Bug Spray and your Camera

I’ll pass this on from an article I read in Outdoor Photography Magazine about shooting in the tropics.  Trust me, Eastern North Carolina qualifies as the tropics.  The high heat in the summer coupled with the high humidity is mecca for bugs. The meanest are  the  Deer Flies here on the farm and Sand Flies at the Beach.  So, bug spray is a must carry in your camera bag.  Therein lies a word to the wise.  Liquid Bug Spray which contains Deet is highly corrosive to the high impact plastic used in today’s digital cameras.  Just handling the spray container will almost always result in getting some of the liquid  on your hand which can easily find its way onto your camera and begin marring the finish. So what to do?  The article recommends roll on bug repellant but its not easy to find.  Amazon is said to carry it.  Might be worth the trouble particularly when it comes time to trade in that Camera.

Thanks for the look and have a great evening.


3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Cotton In The HIgh Field

  1. Thank you for that bit of info!
    You are correct on both bugs here in NC! ugh.

    Don’t you just love the old cemeteries in the midst of old farms?
    On one of our farms, the Confederates moved through the field from South Mills, NC (from the Battle of SM). When it is not planted, I love to walk back there after they have tilled it, with a metal detector. Havent found anything….yet. Holding out all hopes.

    LOVE your pictures.

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