Photo Of The Day: The Puddle In The Field


Not a drop of rain has fallen here in over a week so this huge puddle at the foot of one of the cotton fields  was a complete and very pleasant surprise yesterday morning.   It made for a terrific foreground in what would have been a rather hum drum sunrise.  Sometimes you get lucky.

Nothing really complicated about the shot.  I just screwed on my Graduated Neutral Density filter to prevent the sky from being blown out, took my meter reading off the water, adjusted my shutter speed to get the right exposure and snapped the shutter.  This was the first in a string of six or so compositions with the puddle, sky reflection and sun in starring roles. Every one was a keeper.

I have all of my cameras set on “Vivid”  and shoot everything in the RAW format so I can change that setting if the color proves to be over the top.  I left well enough alone on this one.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

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