Photo Of The Day: First Sasanquas


To use an eloquent phrase  from the master of phrasing, Sinatra:  “I’m in the September of my years.”  I’m 68.   Suffice to say my days are not to be fiddled away.   Every evening I reflect on my day and try myself by court martial on whether I have wasted my time.   At dawn this morning I thought I had done just that.  I gave up on a photo outing.  I cannot recall when I have ever done that.
I surmise its the residue from all those years in news.  If I was covering some event, or meeting, or happening that yielded no news,  I never ever walked away.   There were lots of those days but even then I was expected to, in the immortal words of newsrooms everywhere…”Come Up With Something.”  I vividly recall when that command first assaulted my then  tender young ears.    I had phoned the desk in Washington to report my assignment had yielded nothing of any interest.  The crusty desk man, Herb Brubaker, listened for about 3 seconds,  then screamed “Well, Come UP With Something” slamming the phone down with an ear splitting bloom!!!!  I was only a lowly intern at NBC in those days but Brubaker cut me no slack.  I remembered.   From that day on for the next 40 years,  I would always interview one of the principles of a newsless event or meeting to find something to peg a story on.  Something.  Anything.  I always filed something.  But this morning, I gave up.

I had taken the usual long trek to the field to check out the Sunrise.  As soon as I saw the sky, I knew it was a loser. No clouds.  Just clear blue sky.  No shadows. No dynamics.    Usually I will hang around to try to force a shot.  A few will turn out now and then but most wind up in the recycle bin.  This morning, I didn’t even try.  I just came home.

I felt guilty about tossing in the towel.  Brubaker’s “Come Up With Something….” reverberated in my head.  Finally an hour or so later, I grabbed the camera and tripod and walked over to the Sasanqua Beds.  It was about time for them to start blooming and perhaps there would be something.   There was.  And, the early morning light was perfect.  I must have fired off 30 shots. Most are keepers.  This is one of them.  It was a good day.  No court martial this evening.   Thanks for the read and the look.  Have a great evening.

4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: First Sasanquas

  1. Inspiring read….”Find Something”….Well, you certainly did and what a beauty! This is a beautiful take. It is all there – beauty, composition, interest, and technique. It is a joy to see and should be framed.

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