Photo Of The Day: Tickets


The crowds were pretty sparse at the County Fair this  year.  I’m told the fair itself was smaller with fewer rides and concessions.  The biggest draw seems to be the annual cheer leading competition on opening night.  By the end of the week when I made my annual visit, It was a far different vibe.   Perhaps as BB King crooned,   “The Thrill is Gone”.  I hope not.  I hope the county fair isn’t sliding away like the front porch or large family dinners on Sundays.  My mother always said  air conditioning, cell phones, computers, video games and cable tv with its constant 24 hours a day of too much information had taken a toll on the social fabric by robbing it of conversation and the joy of being with others.  I would add social media to the list.

For me, the county fair is much more than just eye candy for my camera.  It’s that of course.  But its also a much needed distraction from the humdrum of everyday.   The mouth watering smell of funnel cakes and deep fried snickers bars, the sparks of the bump cars, the flashing neon on the Tilt A Whirl…..the squeals of children on the Merry Go Round. I’d miss that.  I hope the crowds return next year. I really do.  Thanks for the visit and have a great Sunday evening.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Tickets

  1. I agree. Our country fairhas gotten smaller, but the next country over, Cook (we call it crook county) which contains Chicago, hadn’t had one in years and it’s is the closest, so many come to ours.
    Your photo is wonderful! Great colors!

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