Photo Of The Day: Bruce The Magnificent


Say hello to Bruce The Magnificent, Rooster Extraordinaire.

My wife says Bruce raises enough hell for a dozen Roosters.  “He deserves his 15 minutes of fame on the internet”, she says.   So here is Bruce sporting his fiercest look.

Bruce is not your usual cocka doodle doing Rooster. He kinda screeches; a shrill, ear splitting, blood curdling, ultra high pitched cross beween a squeal and a shriek and he lets go with it whenever the spirit moves him which is often….all day in fact.    Bruce starts strutting his stuff just before dawn and hollers most of the day.    Thankfully Bruce puts a sock in it at sundown…unless there is a full moon. I’m told the only thing that will shut Bruce up during a Full Moon is showing him a plate of fried chicken. Bruce gets it.

Thanks for the look, have a great evening and be thankful Bruce doesn’t live next door.  See you next time.

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