Photo Of The Day: Red Alert


You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Red Sky in the morning…..” You know!  This call to general quarters came Saturday morning at daybreak. The nasty stuff moved in that night.   Thunder, lightning, high wind,  Tornado Watches, and rain, buckets of rain.  As Andy Griffith said ,  “It t’wont no ordinary rain neither.  It was a frog strangler.”  I cannot tell you exactly how much water fell here because our rain gauge tops out at four inches. It was every bit of that and more. That and the racket outside made for a rather sleepless night .  Every time I would doze off the weather radio alarm would blast me awake but other than scant sleep, we were lucky.  No twisters this time and despite the high wind, no trees down and no loss of power.   Red Sky indeed.  Have a great Sunday evening.  Stay dry…and toasty my friends.  Nikon D700. 18-35mm lens.

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