Photo Of The Day: Sea Grass

A Bed Of Sea Grass Posted to Flickr January 4, 2014The golden yellow color of this Sea Grass  and its reflection are what caught my eye.  A familiar sight along the shoreline, they also dot the Sound with large and small beds growing from the bottom of the shallow water.  It’s quite a scene particularly in the late afternoon when the setting sun makes them shine.  Seriously cold here overnight with the temperature dropping to the mid teens.  Factor in the wind chill and it felt like single digits.  Hardly beach weather.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Nikon D600. 24-120mm f/4 lens

7 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Sea Grass

  1. The light on the sea grass really brings out the glow and yellows. This is a color that nature makes and can not be duplicated easily. Nature makes the best colors! I’m glad that you capture this one. It is a small view of a beautiful part of our world.
    The reflection is awesome as well.

  2. Just as pretty to this southern gal.
    Wanted to tell you john, or rather ‘invite’ if you will…the blessed event is set in stone. September 12. Jennettes pier. If you are down during that time please feel free to come on down mph 16. Fingers crossed outside wedding at dusk-6ish? And then a feast upstairs and dancing. Come on down as we say here on the sound side. OH. and bring your camera! And your dancing shoes. 😬

  3. Thank You Lisa. I was down that way last week after grabbing some lunch at “Hurricane Mo’s” and yes indeed, if I’m in the Promised Land come Sept 12, I’ll mosey on down. Dusk is a gorgeous time for a waterfront wedding on the Banks particularly in Mid September. Best Wishes to you and the Bride to Be.

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