Photo Of The Day: Seeing It Again For The First Time


I got the title from an old commercial for corn flakes, “Taste Them Again for the Very  First Time” was the pitch line.  I haven’t eaten corn flakes since I was a kid but the line has stayed with me.  It’s another take on another old nugget, “everything old is new again.”.  And so it is with the Outer Banks. The views are familiar but they’re always different especially so in the winter.  The skies we get on the farm can be spectacular but they aren’t as frequent as here.

I probably would not have even tried this shot any other time of the year unless I used a Neutral Density Filter to reduce the light by several stops.  But this shot is unfooled around with.   It’s approaching 11am and the sun is very high.  Usually that’s a recipe for a blown out scene but winter hues while very bright and a bit harsh on sunny days can, with the help of a few clouds, offer up some dramatic shadows every so often. And so it was on this  late December morning  on the beach at Southern Shores.  The view down the beach toward Kitty Hawk is always there but always a bit different.   Thanks for the visit and have a great weekend.

Nikon D7100. 10-20mm lens.

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