Photo Of The Day: Boating On The Sound

Boats on the Sound Posted To Flickr January 17, 2014

As I was processing this image (click on the shot for the large view) of boaters on the Currituck Sound just off Duck on the Outer Banks,   I kept thinking of a wedding floral shoot I had done some years ago at River Dunes, an upscale development on the coast of Pamlico Sound not far from the town of Oriental in Pamlico County.  The wedding reception was to be held in the River Dunes Club House, a very new but rustic space.  The dining area which was being decorated for the reception was on the second floor.  As I made my way up the stairs with my gear, there, near the entrance was a display of 3 maybe four very large monochrome prints in sepia tones of the classic 1930’s J Class Yachts of America’s Cup Fame.  I was captivated by the yachts, of course but also by the vintage tone of the prints. Was it an option for this shot of the sound?

My shot of the boaters on the sound was originally a color shot taken with a Nikon D600.  I remember toying with the idea of shooting it with my F-100 which was in my bag and loaded with a fresh 36 shot roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 black and whiite film (yes, it’s still being made).  I wish I had but the blue tones in the scene won me over and I shot it in color.  Back at the computer,  I knew straight away the blue hues in the image were not enough to carry the shot so I processed it as a black and white image then added the sepia layer.  I decided to put it on my flickr site for my fellow photography pals to mull over.  Peter, a longtime professional shooter who now lives in Australia and for whom I have enormous respect, wrote: “This is the kind of image  people want on their walls John,” adding, “More Please”.  Thanks Peter.  Back in my news days, the axiom was that anyone who enjoyed their own work had a problem, like a comedian laughing at his own jokes. But I have to confess, I like the shot. In fact, I’m already having it printed for my wall.  I’ll find a spot.  Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead.

One thought on “Photo Of The Day: Boating On The Sound

  1. As photographers, we certainly learn a lot from other folks. You have given me a desire to try some sepia work. Sometimes it is fun to try new things and we just keep learning and learning in this business. Thank you for the idea!
    Your image has a special feel to it. It is more than a snapshot and worthy of your wall for sure. It makes your mind work to look at it….beautiful.

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