Photo Of The Day: A Taste of Snow

birds.013.1.14.edited_edited-1It was just a trace. Barely enough to coat the ground. But it was snow,  something we have not seen here in several years. By Wednesday afternoon it was pretty much gone except for a few patches of “seed snow”. Perhaps it will spike the clouds and give us another taste.

I ventured down to my makeshift bird blind here on the farm before sunrise, spread some sunflower seeds around and hunkered down for the Cardinals to arrive.  For me, the sight of a scarlet red Male Northern Cardinal in the snow is a special treat.  It didn’t take long for them to show up.  I fired off over 150 shots.  This is one of them.

I used the small sensor Nikon D7100 and a 300mm full frame lens which on the small sensor translates into a 1.5 crop factor. In effect, it makes the 300mm lens a 450mm.   More than enough to crank the image of this boy from about 25-30 feet away.

Thanks for the look and Stay Toasty .

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: A Taste of Snow

  1. We got a lot more snow from that storm … blizzard conditions yesterday! We have Cardinals here, but I’ve never got to see one! They seem to hang around people’s gardens more than anything else.

    I have a thing for Blue Jay in snow … I have shot a few, but I guess I have some kind of «dream image» that I want to take 🙂

  2. You aced this shot! I have trouble with bird shots…Sometimes I nail them correctly but certainly not often. It takes 100 shots to get one decent one. very nice.
    Don’t you just love being out in nature and concentrating on your beautiful subject for a few minutes. It totally refreshes me.

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