Photo Of The Day: Please Call for an Appointment

Please Call for an Appointment!   Posted to Flickr September 8, 2010My cat, Henry Morgan upon being rudely awakened from his late afternoon snooze.  Henry has a fetish for the white blanket on our bed and likes to burrow under it for some nice toasty Z’s. Henry has the right idea.  Our phony winter comes to an abrupt halt tomorrow when up to 8 inches of snow is forecast for Eastern North Carolina. Mind you, we’ve only had a light dusting of snow here in the last three years.   In this part of the country where Snow Removal is the month of July, seeing the word snow in a forecast sends the area into a tizzy. People were  rushing to stock up on bread and milk and of course, the county has already closed all the schools before one flake has fallen.  My sister in Maine thinks all this hoopla for a little snow is better than a Jay Leno Monolog but let me tell you, 8 inches of snow in Eastern NC is serious “bidness”!  My best pal Henry Morgan doesn’t know it yet, but he’s gonna have to share that blanket.    Thanks for the look. Have a Great Evening and Stay Toasty my friends.

6 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Please Call for an Appointment

    I just drove home from Durham..where I watched my sweet girl play volly tourn for Campbell U..better known to us locals as good ole buies creek…btw they won first in the silver division!! woot! She played at ole a carolina gal myself..i am NOT a tarhell fan..i am an old fashion NCSTATE ag girl. I do like my wolfpack. ANYWAY…my caroline called me on the way home to inform me of the impending coastal storm. LIKE I KNEW? SO…I drove to my office…AND HELLO? no bread, milk or anything later…but thank GOD I do have toilet paper. I got some ramen noodles and cans of this and that… IM GOOD!

    however….I may need to snuggle with the cat for warmth…

    Green lights and blue skies my friend!

  2. He’s a cutie! Hopefully, it will not be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I hear that “the city” here will be closed tomorrow–no ‘wait and see.’ Fine with me. People can’t seem to drive when ice and snow are not present….. 😀

    Stay warm. Henry is counting on you. 🙂 Take care!

  3. He’s so cute there, underneath the blanket! My little McDuff sure has his favourite spots too.
    If you’re getting the snow there, I’m sure we’ll see it a little later. Strangest winter here! 12 deg. above yesterday, down to 15 below … for the moment, our snow is gone!

  4. We’re on the down-low for snow for now, although we’re still in the -F’s for now. I just heard on the radio that it has snowed more days that not snowed this winter for us! My bummer is that I have no children & have to come to work. My co-workers’ have had over 7 days off to stay home with the kiddies. School has been closed the past 2 days, maybe tomorrow also. Gesh!! Cute kitty, BTW!!

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