Photo Of The Day: Smothered!

wx. long view of the fields this morning after the overnight snow storm .   Actually it started as freezing rain then turned into hail covering everything with about three inches of ice which of course froze solid as a rock.  Then, overnight, five inches of snow.   So we were pretty well clobbered. How the power managed to stay on with all that ice on the lines I have no clue.  That is always our worst nightmare.  Thank goodness everything held. Now….we start digging out.

I shot this with a Nikon D700 and an 18-35mm lens.  A tip I have found useful over the years.  When shooting in very humid or very cold  situations, like today,  always carry a plastic bag big enough to put your camera and lens in when you are done shooting.  Seal the bag up BEFORE you come back inside.  This will prevent condensation from forming up on and inside  your camera and lens which can lead to some big problems.

Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

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