Photo Of The Day: This Too Shall Pass

wx. remains of the cotton stems add a little perspective to what is a pretty bleak scene in one of the fields here.  In all we got just over 8 inches of sleet and snow which then froze solid as a rock.  It was more than enough to paralyze the region.  Of course the schools closed up for the entire week.  To be expected in an area where they close the schools when the temperature dips into the 20’s.  The Postal Service shut down mail delivery out here for the duration, never mind all those commercials hammering away about the mail always getting through regardless of the weather.   I called the post office.  A guy said they were going to attempt it. It finally showed three days after the storm.   The local newspaper was delivered!  Every day throughout the storm.   It’s the pretty days when it doesn’t show.   We cheered when a snow plow rumbled down the highway two days in but the best news was the power stayed on.   I was so sure it was gonna fail I dusted off my kerosene heater and filled it up with liquid Gold  ( near 4 bucks a gallon) ….using my new plastic 2 and a half gallon kerosene container which set me back 20 bucks at the enterprising local hardware store…….supply and demand don’t you know.  I won’t forget!  But .. The juice stayed on.

So now the big melt.  Our unofficial low here on the farm was 7 degrees just before daybreak a few days ago.  Would you believe the high today is expected to top 60!  Everything is now in transition to slush,   soon to be mud thanks to the four days of rain which is forecast.  I figure it’ll be July before things dry out enough to mow down those cotton stems in the field.  Hope you are dry and toasty where you are.  Thanks for the visit and have a swell weekend.

One thought on “Photo Of The Day: This Too Shall Pass

  1. Sounds horrible…too hot…too cold…always something. Sounds like you have a handle on it. Good for you! Glad you were prepared…even at $4 a gallon! Take care and get your boots out for the thaw!

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