Photo of The Day: Mystery Bird

BlogWhen this rather large bird swooped into my viewfinder my first thought was, it’s a Brown Headed Cow Bird.  Obviously I need to brush up on my birding skills.  This guy plainly has a black head and a brown body so Brown Headed Cow Bird he isn’t.     A check of my wife’s bird books was of no help.  So get your bird books out folks and Identify the mystery bird.   By the way, that’s a bit of snow on his beak.  He had been scarfing up bird seed I had scattered around the base of the River Birch Tree.  Have a great evening and thanks for the look.

2 thoughts on “Photo of The Day: Mystery Bird

  1. I looed in my Western Region bird book and my Eastern region bird book…The Brewer’s Blackbird has a similar eye and beak…but the coloring is a little different. I don’t now, John. You stumped me with this one. He is a cutie though….nice catch!

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