Photo Of The Day: First Daffy

f0089.editedOne of the first Daffys to bloom here this year.  How it managed to hold together in the ferocious wind off the ocean is testament to their toughness.  It was absolutely impossible to get a sharp shot.  Moral of the story, when it’s fuzzy add a vignette.

I always have trouble with Daffys as regards white balance but I was pretty satisifed after tweaking the WB over into the hotter yellow values from the normal setting which to my eye adds a bluish hue.

Nikon D7100 with a 60mm Nikon Micro (Macro) Lens.


Some camera news if you’re a Nikon D600 Shooter.  Nikon has issued a recall of D600 Cameras for sensor cleaning and shutter mechanism replacement.  Doesn’t matter if your camera is out of warranty, they’ll still repair it free of charge and pay shipping both ways.  You might have heard about the Dust and Oil Issue many D600 owners have run into.  Quite noticeable at f/22.  There have been many calls for Nikon to respond to the problem and now to the company’s credit, they have.  Go to this website to return yours:

Mine went back to Nikon yesterday.

Thanks as always for the visit and have a large weekend.

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