Photo Of The Day: The Ocean at the End Of The Field


An indication of how much rain we’ve had here. I can’t remember when this low spot in Twilight Field was dry.  We had four inches of rain over the weekend with more coming this week.  It makes for a nice anchor, no pun intended, for a field shot but I’m really longing for a nice dry spell.


I just got word from Nikon that my D600 has been repaired and is on the way back to me.  To recap a bit, Nikon sent out a service advisory on the D600 saying it would clean the sensor and replace the shutter mechanism for no charge and no shipping charge regardless of whether the camera is under warranty.  It’s in response to the continuing drumbeat of complaints about the camera being prone to dust and oil splatter.

Many who sent their D600 in prior to the recall reported that the dust and oil problem was still there when they got it back.  It’ll be interesting to see what the story is for mine.  I can report now that true to its word, Nikon did not charge me for the service.  Watch this space for further details.Thanks for the look and have a great evening. .

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Ocean at the End Of The Field

  1. There are spots in our backyard that get pretty swampy when it rains—so I said we had “waterback property.” We planted several river birch trees and they absolutely love water, so it has helped a lot.

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