Photo Of The Day: Sunrise



Sunrise  BloggedSunrise on the beach at Southern Shores.  This was a timed exposure using an 18-35mm lens set at 18mm.   Usually, I will usually just sleep late on mornings there are no clouds because there’s nothing to catch the light in the morning sky. No drama.  I went out anyway on this particular morning because I wanted to catch the moment of sunrise.  The clear sky puts all the emphasis on the disc of the sun.   I took maybe five or six exposures as the sun rose and finally packed it in once the sun was about 10 degrees above the horizon.

Wishing you a great Sunday.  Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead.



One thought on “Photo Of The Day: Sunrise

  1. was at chili peppers and then Trio’s friday nite. I swore you were there (Trios)…ALMOST went up to the man…if you havent been to Trios? GO. but if it was you? i will fall out laughing…
    and as always…you bring me HOME with my OBX…

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