Photo Of The Day: Signpost to Spring

Blogged March 20, 2014The Bradford Pear Trees show their stuff.  These old trees line the back loop of the circular drive here and in winter’s past they have taken quite a beating from the wind,  but this year, they made it through despite some howling Nor’Easters  with no serious breakage. A welcome sight though the forecast calls for yet another wintery mix next week. Enough A’ready!

Nikon D700 – 24 mm lens.

I see where Getty Images has ended its partnership with  with Yahoo and by extension with flickr which is how I got on with Getty.  For the uninitiated, Getty is probably the largest stock photography archive on the planet.  In the past they scanned contributors photostreams on flickr and selected the images they wanted.  Now,  contributors will send candidate images to Getty to review.  If I depended on Getty to put food on the table, I’d be long dead of starvation but I have picked up some serious pocket money from Stock Photography via Getty and I’m looking forward to the new arrangement.

Peace, Love and Soul Everybody. Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

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