Photo Of The Day: Mallards at Duck

Mallards at Duck Blogged March 24, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Duck on a sunset cruise  at where else?  Duck, N.C.  Shot right off the new boardwalk at Duck.

Nikon D600 24-120mm f/4 lens


I’ve always had an obsession about sharp images.  So much so that often I go too far with it and have to soften things up.  The checklist for making sure your images are sharp has always been the same…film or digital:   Always use a tripod, Shutter speed, Aperture ( f8-f11),  ISO, Focus, Good lenses, knowing the lens sweet spot and, most importantly take care of your eyes.

I’ve had four operations on my eyes to enable me to see (I was 20/400) and I go back to see my miracle worker of an Eye Surgeon every year.   Each year for the past 4 or 5 years, he’d update my prescription and tell me it’s such a tiny change, it isn’t worth spending the money for new lenses so I didn’t.  I started wondering a month ago whether all those minor changes in my prescription could, over the span of five years, add up to something substantial.   The long and the short of it is, not as much as I thought but enough to make things sharper.   I bought a new set of lenses  for my glasses.  What an amazing difference.  For the last few days, I’ve been walking around looking at everything again.   I got new frames too: Ted Bakers which are more of a round shape that offer  a larger field of view.  That’s really important if you wear progressive lenses like I do.  Those small, rectangular frames all the optical stores sell  that are all the rage now just don’t work  well with progressives.  So, want sharper images, use the checklist and remember, good glass (camera lenses) is expensive but  worth every nickel.  So are your eyes and unlike a camera lens, they cannot be replaced.

See you next time. Thanks for the look and have a great evening.




2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Mallards at Duck

  1. Great shot of ducks at duck. Ha. Funny! I feel your pain. .. I have retinal holes. I see flashes of light off to the side of my eye. The surgery is lasik, basically, but you can only have the surgery 1 time, so it needs to be timed right. I’m not old enough yet. Yeah!

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