Photo Of The Day: Spring

G.1085.edited_edited-1 An April  Sunrise under Bradford Pear Trees.  No Filters. The Sun Star is automatic at f/22.  Spot metering on sunrises.  I always take a reading on the sky away from the sun.   Works every time.

Nikon D600/ 18-35 mm

There’s word that Nikon has a new DX (Small Sensor) Pro level  DSLR in the works.  Called the D9300, it supposedly will replace the old D300S at the top of the Small Sensor food chain.  Lots of wildlife shooters have been waiting a long time for a D300 replacement. The small sensor is ideal for wildlife photography, ie bird photography because of the 1.5 crop factor on full frame lenses.  Nothing on pricing.  Knowing Nikon, I’d guess it will fall between the full frame D610 and the D800.  As for specs, I’d guess 8 frames a second and a larger buffer than the D7100.  If you are wedded to the Nikon System via lenses etc….The D7100 would probably be a cheaper way to go.  The only negative I have about mine is the buffer.  I mitigated that to a large extent by using a very fast SD card.  Stay Tuned.  Thanks for the visit and have a great evening.

6 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Spring

  1. You are spot on that lighting. Beautiful work…and place. (Do I always say that?) Maybe, but it is true.

    About that camera…I want one..but changing from Canon in this lifetime isn’t going to happen, unless I win the Lottery. I will keep trying to win but so far, not good. 🙂

    • I’m on the other side looking at Canon Dorothy….The 5D Mark III is very appealing but as you say, save for winning the lottery, not in my lifetime.

  2. So. I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I have a reason. But, tonite I am resting peacefully in a small place called Bulls Bay in Columbia, NC.
    Well, I was scouring the Our State mag. Frustrated as I got, my friend said I would be looking a while. It was Jan 2013. Stupid me. I’m off to go get the 14 one in the basket tomorrow.
    I officially hate Nikon. (Lol)
    Caroline has decided she loves her camera. Side note being – more lenses, more lenses. The damn lenses are more than the flipping camera!! Could you NOT have warned me?
    Thanks as always for the beautiful pics!

  3. Sorry…..Yep the glass is expensive – at least the good lenses are. On the other hand, with Nikon it’s a lifetime investment. Unlike Canon and other makers, Nikon has never changed the lens mount on its DSLR Cameras. What worked on my FM film camera in 1977 still works today on my digital cameras. Digital Cameras though are delicate…not like the tanks made in the film era. ( My FM still works like a charm. ) They have a limited life before something goes…usually the shutter. Hope you are well… Sounds like your daughter has caught the photography virus. I’m living testament there is no cure.

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