Photo Of The Day: A Lesser Traveled Path.

The lesser traveled path   Posted to flickr April 29, 2014Sunrise along a little used path to Twilight Field which lies beyond the two utility poles in the distance  that mark the end of the light line.  Yep, we are that far out on the edge of the earth…almost beyond the juice.   The puddle in the ruts is indicative of the rain here over the past week or so.  Nikon D600 18-35mm lens.


What is it about camera card readers that come on HP tower computers? I’ve replaced the card reader module  in my HP Pavilion Machine twice in the last 21 months. The first one to go south was the SD card reader after 13 months.   I admit it got a lot of use but still….  Anyway, I ordered the part and replaced it.  What a pain in the…..yes…there!  So yesterday I get back from a wedding floral shoot with about 200 shots to process, most of them  shot on the D700 which uses Compact Flash Cards. The flash card reader would not accept the card! No, its not the card.  The module would not accept any flash card.  The latent HP   sudden card reader death syndrome strikes again.  Out comes the USB cord and the Nikon software disc to upload the shots.  I came within a hair of picking up the phone to HP and ordering yet another module but decided the hell with it.  I bought a stand alone card reader from Adorama that has wonderful reviews and costs all of 12 bucks and change and just plugs and plays and I won’t have to shrink my hands to Hobbit size to install it.  I just hope HP uses better hard drives in their machines than they do card readers.  I hope! Well that’s it. I’m done.  Time for an attitude adjustment.   Thanks for the look-in and have a large evening.  Cheers.


3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: A Lesser Traveled Path.

  1. When the machines work, it is great, but when they don’t it, is a pain for sure…I feel your pain.
    My computer had an upgrade that totally messed up my computer. So being the brilliant person that I am, I decided to restore my computer. Then, I lost all my apps including Photoshop, Topaz, Lightroom to name a few apps that I lost. It took hours for reload everything and find my key numbers to show that I had already bought the products….Anyway, it was fun reading blog and to find out how you fixed your problem. Sounds like you did a good job!

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