Photo Of The Day: Widow’s Walk

Widows Walk. Posted to Flickr January 21, 2014Actually its a dune top deck in front of an oceanfront rental in Kitty Hawk at sunset.   True Widow’s Walk platforms were built on the roofs of houses on the ocean where the woman of the house would keep watch for her returning sailor.  I suspect this deck will be filled with vacationers rather quickly as the long Memorial Day Weekend signals another summer season on the Outer Banks.  If you’re stateside, have a safe holiday weekend.  Wherever you are, have a great evening and a large weekend.


2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Widow’s Walk

  1. I suspect you are SO correct John. But you put money on this…id ratherbe at kitty hawk than duck and corolla….If you are down there, go check out a GREAT locals dive called Food Dudes.On the beachroad-mp 11? awesomeness. ALSO…one of my very faves called TRIOS. It is a local place. It is on the bypass…mp6-7? ( on tap beer and wine. Great cheeses too).
    Thanks for always putting out “home” pics!
    Now…dont you dare forget Sept 12! Found a DRESS!!!!! im going ALL in…vintage. my daugther doesnt know it..i can put here on your blog..but, im wearing my mothers wedding gown. Im having it altered and remade so to speak. my grandmother made it. (i adored her) but it is gorgeous. I still have it..54 years old. I wanted different…welp…im getting it..
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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