Photo Of The Day: Sunset Road

The Long Way Home Posted To Flickr June 2, 2014We call this Sunset Road for rather obvious reasons though its even more obvious later in the summer when the sun goes down right smack dab at the end of the road.   That’s Red Winter Wheat on the right, newly planted cotton on the left.

This was taken in mid-May when we were actually having something resembling Spring.  Now the Dog Days have set in.

It has been brutally hot here today. 97 degrees with humidity right around 75 percent.  I worked in the field for two hours from 10 until noon and had I not put away 10 bottles of water I would be a  limp noodle.   My Aunt Myrtle had a word for heat like this…..”Close” she would say.  She was right.  It was so close out today it was hard to breathe.  A former colleague and I exchanged emails this afternoon.    I told him I sure hope it was cooler where he is than it is here.  “Stay where you are”, he wrote back, “It’s 100 and the humidity is near 77%.”  Early on in my career in broadcast news,  I worked for a Managing Editor who  cut his teeth on the print side of journalism,  working for such great papers as the Daily News in New York, The Enquirer in Philly and the Free Press in Detroit.  He got fired from the Free Press when he wrote a headline to describe an extended summer heatwave in the motor city: “There’s No Hope, we’re all gonna die.”   It felt like that here today.

Stay Cool My Friends.

Have a Great Evening and Thanks for the Visit.

4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Sunset Road

  1. Your picture is beautiful, but I can feel the heat reading your blog. It does sound hot…Keep drinking that water! Find a water hole to jump in…That will help, but watch out for snakes…Yikes! Have a good one!

    Yah. This ole NC humid heat will wear you OUT. BUT there just ain’t nothing like working the farm john. Not at all. There isn’t a gold mine in it just “soul”. And when you find your soul you have found gold.
    Lovely picture as always!

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