Photo Of the Day: September Sunrise


From September of last year.   Meantime, the nonstop string of cars, trucks and campers loaded with all things beach clog the beach road heading in both directions. The goers and comers have one more month,  then the all clear signal will go up and I’ll head back to renew old acquaintances.  Hope you have a great Sunday. And thanks for the look.

4 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: September Sunrise

  1. Your image is wonderful, but I know what you mean about the hordes of people that flock to the beach in the summer. It is refreshing and a lot cooler for them, but it is nice when they go home. :).

    • Don’t get me wrong…I’m not anti-tourist by any means…visitors are the lifeblood of the area but I long for the day in the fall that I don’t wait at the intersection of our road with the beach road for half an hour waiting to make a left turn to go buy a loaf of bread. Thanks, as always for the visit. Enjoyed your post today too.

  2. Just left kitty hawk two days ago John and thought…”where the he.. did all these people come from!???” I couldn’t find a spot to even out my chair. Two doors down from winks. It was CRAZY.
    That said….sept 12 is a comin!! You in??

    • Don’t think so Lisa. Looks like the earliest we can get over to the banks is the 14th…Sunday…Was hoping to shoot for the 12th but I have a big floral thing down this way that morning. But…things change. If so…I’ll shoot for it. Gettin down to the nitty gritty isn’t it. Yeah, its crazy with the crowds. Takes me 15 minutes sometimes to make a left turn on the highway down from the farm what with all the beach traffic.

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