Photo Of The Day: Cotton Flowers

Pink Cotton  Posted to Flickr August 7, 2014

The unmistakable buzz of Crop Dusters was back this weekend, a sure sign the season’s early cotton is maturing.   The planes loaded with defoliant swoop, down strafing the fields with the chemicals to defoliate the plants leaving only the stalk and the boll of cotton.  Its the final step in a cycle  that begins with a white or pale yellow flower which then pollinates itself and  turns a bright pink before the maturing boll pushes the flower off and cracks open revealing the cotton fiber inside.  The boll then matures and opens revealing what most of us think of when we see cotton, the white cotton puffs like one sees in the drug store.  We’re always late planting cotton so our crop has not yet finished the pollination stage.  The Crop Dusters won’t be buzzing us until late September and often harvest only comes just after New Years.  So for now, we have lush green fields dotted with pink cotton flowers just as you see above.  Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for the visit.

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