Photo Of The Day: Spirits In The Sky

Where Spirits Are Served Posted to Flickr January 19, 2013

I came across this while reviewing files on one of my external drives.   I don’t post many black and whites on the blog because most people prefer color but I think monochrome does amplify tones and contrast that often are smothered by color and represents a nice change of pace.

This was shot on the beach either at Kitty Hawk or Southern Shores (there’s no sign when going from one locality to another on the beach) in December of 2012.   I remember having purchased a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 to take with me that weekend to scratch a persistent itch I had been having to shoot some film.  I shot it with my Nikon F-100 which along with my old Nikon F3 is probably among the best made cameras I have ever owned.  The lens was a 20mm prime.  As it turned out, the first day was quite quite overcast with the cloud layer stretching down the beach to infinity.  Black and white turned out to be the perfect vehicle for the day.

There was a time when one could buy 35mm film routinely in drug stores.  No more but the big photo stores on line still sell it along with processing mailers. Remember those.

I apologize for the spotty posts of late but have been very busy which on my side of it, is not a bad thing.  Have a great evening.

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