Photo Of The Day: Last Bastion of Color

Schizophrenic trees.  Posted to flickr November 18, 2014.

When I was taking photography 101 at American University in Washington, DC a bazillion years ago,  the instructor who was a shooter for the Washington Post and Newsweek Magazine told us to always remember to look up and turn around.  Sometimes the shot is right there waiting for you! That’s particularly true this time of the year when the Autumn colors are slowly beginning their transition to shades of gray as winter approaches.  These are maples on the farm in all their late fall glory thanks to the setting sun. A simple little shot.  And all it required was to look up.

Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Nikon D800E Camera. 24-120mm f/4 lens set at 24mm.

One thought on “Photo Of The Day: Last Bastion of Color

  1. The colors are beautiful, but that little sun flare really makes this image sing. I just love finding that flare in this image. It was a nice surprise to see! It was like icing on the cake! Have a great day.

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