Photo Of The Day: Winter At Duck

Winter At Duck

Sunset over the barrier dunes at Duck, NC on a very cold day.


My wife asked me the other day to give her my list of Photography wants for Christmas.  It was a short list.   There were only two items on it.  One a couple of two inch wide camera straps in a Navojo design  from Capturing Couture . I don’t like walking around advertising the fact that I have a rather expensive rig around my neck;  so yes, a two inch camera strap or two.  My only other need is a  32 gb   Compact Flash Card for my D800E.    She couldn’t believe it.  “That’s it!!!!  After decades of book length photography Christmas wants,  that’s the best you can do.”  I told her it would be fun to have one of those 600 mm monster lens so I could play like I was Art Wolfe or something but honestly……   Well hold on,  Yeah, that new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 would be nice.  “Well that’s a relief”,  she said,  “I was beginning to think there was something really wrong with you.”  Hey, I tried.

Stay warm my friends.  See you next time.


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