Photo Of The Day: Sunrise in the Cat Tails


I found myself hiking down to the wetlands on the edge of our farm before dawn one morning last week.  The latest episode of my never ending quest this time of the year to find a suitable setting for a sunrise shot that would not hinge on the dead, dull, brown hues that dominate the landscape here.  The cat tails gave me an idea.  I set my tripod in the foot deep water and shot the above sunrise.  We actually had a few wisps of clouds that morning that produced some nice color in the sky and coupled with the silhouettes of the cat tails made for rather decent shot.  Presto, no dull, dead brown color.  Nikon D800E with a 24-120mm f/4 lens at 24mm.

Have a great week ahead. See you next time.

One thought on “Photo Of The Day: Sunrise in the Cat Tails

  1. Oh my, what we do for a shot but it was worth the effort! This sunrise is beautiful and silhouettes stunning. Great combo for the price of setting the tripod in a foot of water! It looks like it was a tricky set-up in the dark. Glad the snakes were sleeping in. 🙂

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