Photo Of The Day: The Weeds


The weather is as nasty and ugly as I have ever seen it in North Carolina and it appears we’re stuck with it for the balance of the week.  I’ve closed the blinds and busied myself with reviewing my archives of the past year’s shots.  I’m rather fond of this one, part of a shoot back in September.  The light, sky color and run away weeds in the field all combined for what to me anyway is a memorable image. I’m always amazed at how I overlook shots and really don’t notice them until later. Some nice surprises on an otherwise depressing day.  Thanks for looking in and have a good week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Weeds

  1. Glad you found this one. It is a great shot and the colors are exciting!
    I know what you mean about visiting the archives. It is rewarding and fun. Fun to try new processing on old shots, too! There is always something to do with photography…Enjoy your free inside time visiting old friends (Photos)…:)

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