Photo of The Day: Kitty Hawk Sunset


Well I think this is Kitty Hawk.  They don’t post the town limits on the beaches.  Whatever, its close enough. Of course the sun is setting on the Currituck Sound. This is the sky on the beach. I have a shot of just the ocean with the pink hues on the waves. I must look for it but you can get the idea from this how spectacular the sky was.  Another with the trusty Nikon D600.  I’ve had nary an oil splatter since the camera went back to Nikon for the installation of a new shutter mechanism.  Don’t think I have had to clean the senor either since I got it back from Nikon.

I am finally on the rebound from shall I say the “digestive distress”  I have been under since an antibiotic taken in advance of some dental work wreaked havoc with my lower tract. Bad demons.

Thanks for the look in.  More coming. See you next time in most of this same space.

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