Photo Of The Day: The Weeds of Spring.


A Sunrise shot from the Top of  what we call the High Field here.  Nikon D600/ 18-35mm lens.

On a lark, I hopped in my RAV 4 and took a quick ride to the beach.  The beach in this case being Emerald Isle.  I usually avoid it like the plague from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor day for obvious reasons but for a not so obvious reason, I went anyway.  My bad.  Emerald Isle…and I’m speaking of the entire island, not just the town of Emerald Isle on the western end (The island is situated pretty much East West on the Bogue Banks)  is not exactly a friendly place for day trippers.  Public parking at public beach access points is scarce. Excluding the Fort Macon State Park, there are maybe 270 spots for the rest of the island. The great majority are on the western end but the truth is, if you’re not renting a cottage or own one, it’s a tough ticket to find a place for your wheels. I’ve had far better luck at the Fort Macon State Park on the extreme eastern end of the Island near Atlantic Beach. Another option is to head to Beaufort near Morehead City and catch the ferry over to Shackelford Banks or to Harkers Island.  No cars. You walk but who minds that if you can find a place to park.

Thanks for the read. See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: The Weeds of Spring.

  1. Beautiful shot!
    I do understand the parking problem especially on the weekend. We live in a coastal town in Florida. There is no way we will drive to our beach town during the weekend. We walk, bike, or go the other direction in our car….too many visitors on the weekends!

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