Photo Of The Day: Skyfall On The Sound

Skyfall    Posted to Flickr October 3, 2014

Afternoon along the Currituck Sound in Eastern, North Carolina.

Time to start packing bug spray with a high deet factor if you’re headed this way. The dreaded flies are back on patrol for some nice juicy human to much on. I make it a point to wear long sleeve shirts this time of the year.  People look at me like am nuts …….until they get stung.

Have a great remainder of the week.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Skyfall On The Sound

  1. Those flies can be awful – especially with those west winds – great for surfers – not so great for those of us on the beach. I love this photo – it’s almost impossible to tell where water ends and sky begins

  2. I recently read that if you spray Listerine around the area that you want bug free, it works. Also, having a fan on helps them not to land on you.

    Those black flies are nasty…Deet and long sleeves shirts and long pants are helpful. Don`t for get your socks!

    Your image`s simplicity is beautiful…

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