Photo of the Day: A Blistering Dawn

Blogged June 21, 2015

We planted some sunflowers two weeks ago and a few had started to sprout but that’s when the super heat moved in.  For two solid weeks the temperature topped out well past the century mark hitting 105 one day last week.  Needless to say the sunflowers were all baked to death. It was 78 degrees when the above shot was taken in the field last week. It was well past 90 at noon and topped out 100+ by 4 in the afternoon.  AC units have been running nonstop for weeks only getting a brief break overnight provided one can put up with 80 degree heat indoors.    Set the temp at 78, and the AC just runs around the clock.  I don’t even want to think about the electric bill this month.  Misery loves company.   A huge swath of the south is suffering right along with us.  Somebody remarked the other day that it will probably take a hurricane to break the heat.  I hope it doesn’t come to that. Stay cool if you can.  See you next time.

One thought on “Photo of the Day: A Blistering Dawn

  1. Your sunrise is on fire with color…am sorry for the heat…That’s just too hot for June…Hope it cools down a bit soon…I want to see those sunflowers growing tall and strong this Fall. They are such a treat to see if even in an image.

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