Photo of The Day: The Beach at Emerald Isle

Brilliant Setting  Posted to flickr July 1, 2015

I drove down to the Bogue Banks or as it is more popularly known these days, The Southern Outer Banks, one weekday this past week.  The secret is not to go on the weekend when parking is a nightmare.  The island is unique along the North Carolina Coast because it is oriented east/west as opposed to north/ south with the result that the sun rises and sets over the beach so each day has a double bonus.

The shot above was taken from Lands End in Emerald Isle on the extreme eastern end of the island with a view toward the west.  It was just after 9 am and of course the sky was incredibly bright.  I took a couple of shots using a neutral density filter but I like this unfiltered version better.  The silhouettes of those on the beach are sharper. The abstract nature of it appealed to me.  I’ve also processed it in black and white but this one gets my vote.  The blue sky and the bright tones pushed my buttons. Camera was a Nikon D800E with a 24-120mm f/4 lens closed down to f/22 or f/25 with the lowest ISO the camera offers, three stops below ISO 100.  My primary reason for going was to shoot the incredibly wide, almost pure white  beach on the eastern end of the island and the large  dunes many of which remain pristine despite the summer hordes.  The heat chased me away around 10:30 but I intend to go back before summers end.  I’m surprised I don’t drive down more often.  I’m actually far closer to the Southern Banks than to the Northern Outer Banks.  45 minutes puts me on the beach.  The Outer Banks are a much longer drive from here.

Well thanks for the read and the look.  See you next time.

One thought on “Photo of The Day: The Beach at Emerald Isle

  1. I hear you about weekend traffic at the beach…The weekend is a good time to stay home in my book.

    Thank you for the photo info on settings. I did not know you could go below 100 ISO…very interesting.. We learn something every day.

    Nice image and beautiful composition….

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