Photo Of The Day: Afternoon at Duck


Late afternoon on the beach at Duck, North Carolina.  The sunlight through the clouds gives a warm hue to the Dunes.

I’ve been busy replacing several of my external drives and transferring photo files from the old to the new.  When I first started using external drives for photo backup,  500gb was a lot of storage for a reasonable price.  I just put in service two expansion drives, each with 5 tb of capacity.  And both were cheaper than what I paid for the two 500 gb drives back in the day.  I just hope they prove to be as reliable.  The new drives are faster too, using USB 3 speeds.  I was done with the transfers in a matter of a few hours.  Tech marches on.

So is summer and I’ll be applauding when it finally departs. Enough with the heat already.  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Afternoon at Duck

  1. Yes, technology is racing forward..It good for our brains to keep up..:) but it is frustrating, too. By the time I master something, something else has taken it’s place. Such is life…
    Thanks for showing us your fine images. This one is a beauty.

  2. Beautiful shot John – we just got back from a lovely week in Hatteras. The surfers in the family only had a couple of good days – but the sunsets on the sound were stunning as usual. Now it’s back to work – ugh!!!

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