Photo Of The Day: On the Point.


The array of sand fences on the point at Lands End on Emerald Isle, North Carolina serve as a heads up that you’re running out of beach.  Ten years ago, none of this was here.  Lands End ended at a cliff about a hundred yards up the beach where a house was hanging on thanks to a wall of sandbags at its foundation.  Ironically, the house was saved by assorted Nor’easters, Hurricanes and the like, which over the ensuing years brought the beach back.  There is no better proof that the Outer Banks, which is a vast sand bar, is constantly undergoing change.  When you buy property and build a house on it, you pays your money and you takes your chances.

When you first see “The Point,” it has the look of a vast flat, desert with an ocean around it.  There are few dunes and very little in the way of  vegetation; just a long, very wide beach.  Four Wheel Drive vehicles are permitted on the beach but only from mid September to the end of April. 100 bucks for a “yearly” permit if you are a non-resident.   It was cold and incredibly windy when I was there this past weekend. My shivering hands may explain the crooked horizon line.  There were no clouds…just bright blue skies and a wicked sun which made for some interesting shadow lines around the sand fences. I plan to convert this to black and white.  I think the tonality of the shot will lend itself quite well to monochrome.   Shot with a Nikon D800E with a very low ISO, aperture at F/22, manual program and a quick shutter.  I used a Nikon 20-120mm F/4 lens.   If Santa drops off this lens at your house on Christmas Day,  you’ll be a happy shooter.  Have a Great Christmas. See you next time.


3 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: On the Point.

  1. Here is another image of your area that should be in your North Carolina photo journey book. I can see your book in my mind…:) Please let us know when we can buy a copy. 🙂 beautiful in it’s simplicity and lines…

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