Photo Of the Day: The Camellia Expedition

FAA 1/1/2016 Flickr 1/3/2016

I always look forward to reading about those exotic photography expeditions that grace the slicker photo magazines these days.   There are a couple in this month’s Digital Photo Pro that had me drooling with envy.  Oh to be able to do something like that, I thought!   I’m not complaining.  I had my innings in my younger days traveling to upstate Maine, Alaska and so on.  I just wish I knew then what I know now and that I had the gear of today back then.  Such is the drumbeat of life.  The reality now is that at my advanced age, the infirmities that go with it, not to mention the  cost and rigors of travel,  such exotic expeditions are just the stuff of daydreams.  Just driving the 45 minutes to Emerald Isle on the coast of  North Carolina for a few snaps at Lands End is my idea of an expedition these days.  And so it was this past weekend when I gathered up my gear and my boots and ventured out into the Camellia patch here on the farm.  It was no cakewalk.   The boots were a must.  The farm is like a swamp these days thanks to the constant rain which has turned the good earth into a muddy, black soup.  The plywood gave my tripod something to “sit” on.  Otherwise it would have sunk to the ball head.  It really is that sloppy here.   Once I got all set up, I waited for the sun to rise over the canopy of towering lob lolly pines that shade the camellia beds.  The trees provide a sort of natural neutral density filter which allowed a long exposure.  Three shots and I had what I wanted.  The result is the shot above.  I was right pleased with it.   It’s not Acadia National Park in Maine or the Grand Tetons, its just a Camellia bloom but at my age, you really do learn to make do with what you are able to do or to dance with with what brung ya as the old timers say.  I’m one of them.  Thanks for the read.  Stay Nimble.  See you next time.





2 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day: The Camellia Expedition

  1. That is one beautiful camilla bloom..Wowza!
    As for getting around..I hear you…I’m finding that there is great beauty close to home these days as well. We just need to keep our eyes open and make the effort to take the image!

    I enjoyed your “shot for the day”….beautiful!

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