Photo of The Day: Cover Photography

Tobacco Road Posted to Flickr July 22, 2013

Tobacco Road. Shot with a Nikon D700 camera several years ago using an 812 warming filter.

I suppose all of us in the business of shooting and marketing photographs are in the publishing game to some extent or another.  I’ve had my moments.  My first big project was in the mid 70’s when I did a multi page article and photo essay on the mothballed ocean liner SS United States which was then in permanent layup at Norfolk International Terminal in Hampton Roads.  It and several additional follow up articles/ photo essays were published in Sea Classics Magazine. The slides from the “United States” project  are now among the best sellers on my photography web site (Click on “John Harding Art Prints” in the upper right.)  Several additional photo essays have followed along with work for a guide book, several regional magazines, scores of blogs, advertising agencies, branding and marketing firms and so on.  Who knew there was a calling for pictures of cotton fields in bloom.   The one thing I had not done is a hardback book cover.  Then, last month, Little Brown in New York contacted me about using the above shot as cover art for a new nonfiction book due out soon.  I don’t think I’m at liberty to say more so I won’t except the author’s last book was a best seller.  They had seen the picture on one of my sites.  I suppose it bolsters the old adage, keep the faith.  You just never know what is going to come your way.  Sometimes it is good news!  Thanks for the lookin.  See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Photo of The Day: Cover Photography

  1. John – this is wonderful news. Congratulations. I know you must be excited!!! I’ve been thinking about doing something with Fine Art America – just not sure if my photos are at a high enough level for this type of thing. I’ll start working part-time this year so I would have the opportunity to get it set up etc. It would be kinda cool to make a little cash from this expensive hobby I have

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